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“Observing Eye” (OE) is a Creative Magazine, with the focus on social issues, academic problems, organisational matters, national aspects and international dilemmas. With some thought-provoking content and an aesthetic minds, with intellectual arguments, “Observing Eye” was launched back in 2007, with the concept of bringing all those covert crucially significant aspects into lime light with productive intention towards the society. Observing, sharing and reforming the society,  locally as well as globally, is the aim of “Observing Eye”.

Scope and Focus: Having only started up, back in 2007, “Observing Eye” have gone from strength-to-strength. “Observing Eye” (OE) covers a wide range of societal issues, concerns, aspects and subjects. “Observing Eye” (OE) is a social report of your voice, so you can contribute your intellectual thoughts and feelings. The crisp, relevant and limited to max 2 pages creative writing may be directly sent to the editor.

For our upcoming issues, you can send your articles at